Wednesday, March 3, 2010


A new Blogger template, SmartGirl three columns, right sidebar, horizontal layout, ... enjoy! :-D

Type Blogger / Blogspot XML Template
Author | Coder | Designer
Property 3 Columns, Fixed Width, Orange, Right Sidebar
Category People, School, Math, Kids, Girl, Activity
Style Personal

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Near said...

without wanting to be more annoying you just put issues with anything innovative like structure only thing that changes are the images.

Noyod.Com said...

@Near, if you search for other layouts, you might browse Claudia's site or if you can wait, you might come back in two weeks, three or so :-D. Currently I concentrate to diversify my template collection, with minor adjustments in the CSS part. Images are also a significant part of a template, isn't it? Anyhow, gracias!

Zarina Jani said...

Thank you so much for making this template..
I am just opening a blog
with this smart girl template and it is all running perfectly..

Thank you!!

The Duchess said...

I love this template! can you tell me, please, how to put the box-notes.png at the top of each widget?

Noyod.Com said...

@The Duchess, as of current design, you should have a title for each widget .. if you don't, box-notes.png wouldn't appear ... I'll try to change this in my next designs ...

@Zarina, nice :-D ... I would suggest you to put a title for your adsense widgets on the sidebars due to the issue I've mentioned above ..

The Duchess said...

Ah, just the ticket! Thanks ever so!

The Duchess said...

Suddenly, 'advertise here' boxes have appeared. How do we get rid of those? I tried removing some of the relevant html, but they're still there.

Thanks ever so for all the time and effort you put into this! Blogs would be so boring otherwise. 8-}

Noyod.Com said...

@The Duchess, just put the following code at the end of the skin part:

#banner {display:none;}

The Duchess said...

Much better! Again, many thanks!

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