Friday, March 19, 2010

How To: Adjust Layout and Columns

If you browse my Blogger templates collection, you'll notice that the most of my native Blogger designs are using 3 column-format with predefined standard width. Previously, I intend to manually provide 2 column-variants for some templates. But now, I think, it would be better to port to BTD (Blogger Template Designer) compliant-templates so that you can change and adjust the columns and the corresponding width using BTD. Nope? So tell me what you think!

How can we adjust the layout using this new tool? It's pretty easy, actually. If you new and don't precisely know about Template Designer, you might want to read my previous post. You might also want to goggle about it to find more stuff.

Log in to your Blogger-In-Draft dashboard at and enter the Template designer (as previously explained)
On the BTD page, click Layout (see picture above)
You'll see three sub-tabs: Body Layout (main post area + sidebars), Footer Layout and Adjust Width (see pictures)
After choosing layouts and adjusting widths, click "APPLY TO BLOG". Done!

Features / Limitations
As of now, there are 8 designs for Body Layout (i.e. 1 Column, 2 Columns (Right and Left), 3 Columns - possibly hybrid 2|3 Columns- and 4 Columns) and 3 designs for Footer Layout (1 Column, 2 or 3 Columns). The maximum width of the entire blog is limited to 1000px. Well, actually it would be nice if this maximum value is also adjustable :-D ...

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