Thursday, March 25, 2010

How To: Add Pages in Blogger

This feature (adding static pages) is already graduated from Blogger-in-Draft and now available via normal Blogger website. For you who aren't familiar with Blogger's Pages, below are some explanations quoted from the official Buzz.Blogger site.

This feature lets you easily publish static information on stand-alone pages. For example, you can create an About This Blog page that discusses the evolution of your blog, or a Contact Me page that provides directions, a phone number, and a map to your location.

How? It's actually similar to how you write a blog post.

Log in to your Blogger dashboard
From Blogger click the Posting | Edit Pages tab, then click New Page (as of now only 10 pages are allowed!)
Edit your text as usual then Publish. If you don't add the Pages widgets yet, you will be prompted to add one. The Pages widget lets you add links to your pages as tabs at the top of your blog, or as links in your blog's sidebar. In the Pages widget, you can decide which pages will be linked and in what order they will appear. You can also choose whether you want new pages to appear automatically in the Pages widget by checking or unchecking the box to the left of Add new Pages by default.

Custom templates might not be compatible with this feature. That case, you might want to read this article.

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