Tuesday, March 30, 2010

BTD Layout Showcase (3)

The template showcased above is configured in a two-column layout with right sidebar positioning. I've changed the width to 1000px and set the value of 260px for the sidebar. Footer section is using a three-column layout. Details of the parameters in the Blogger Template Designer can be seen in the screenshots below.

New to Template Designer? You might want to read this post. You can find the first part of this thread here.

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Dini Kelly said...

How can I download this template compatible with DraftBlogger?

noyod.com said...

@Dini, did you mean the template I used for this post? if yes, you'll find the link below


All templates labeled with 'BTD Compatible' in my site are compatible with Template Designer and can be customized in the same way as explained here


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