Friday, March 5, 2010


A new Blogger template, Breakfast three columns, right sidebar, horizontal layout, ... enjoy! :-D

Type Blogger / Blogspot XML Template
Author | Coder | Designer
Property 3 Columns, Fixed Width, Red, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Right Sidebar, Rounded Corners
Category Food, Breakfast, Egg, Brot, Milk
Style Personal

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Ugly Organism said...

Hi, I'm using this template of yours (great design by the way), and am wondering how to change the 'advertise here' pictures at the side. I've got a few things I wanted to put there, but can't seem to do anything. I uploaded my pics to photobucket, and replaced the direct link http code in the 'edit html' section of the layout. But that didn't work. Could you please tell me how to change the 'advertise here' pictures? said...

@Ugly Organism :-D .. just find the phrase "125.gif" and replace both the image and corresponding link. Hope that helps :-)

Manuel Rodrigues said...

I'm using that layout but I can't add the social stuffs (facebook, twitter, etc) in the blog section. I edit the part check the box to shows it up, but when I visualize it didn't show below the post.

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