Monday, March 15, 2010

Api Unggun

A new Blogger template, Api Unggun three columns, left sidebar, horizontal layout, ... enjoy! :-D

Type Blogger / Blogspot XML Template
Author | Coder | Designer
Property 3 Columns, Fixed Width, Brown, Red, Dark, Left Sidebar, Rounded Corners
Category Activity, Hobby, Camping, Outbound, Nature
Style Neutral, Personal

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Valéria Pedrosa said...

Noyod, amei o seu modelo Api Unggun e tive outras idéias para meu blog. Entre elas, eu mudei o gadget onde se encontrava o título para um gadget normal, mas não consigo diminuir a largura dele, que agora ocupa 100% do cabeçalho.
Como eu poderia fazer isto?
Também quero inserir um submenu.
Dê uma olhada para você entender.

Valéria Pedrosa said...

Noyod, I loved your model Api Unggun and had other ideas for my blog. Among them, I changed the gadget where he was heading for a gadget normal, but can not decrease the width of it, which now holds 100% of the header.
How could I do this?
I also want to enter a submenu.
Take a look for you to understand. said...

@Valeria, first of all, nice arrangement :-D ... The best way to cope with your "width" problem is to use absolute positioning ... ehm, I mean just put your gadget inside a div container similar with that for the nav menu ('header_nav'). And for the submenu.. well I'm afraid you should switch to some JS-driven menu. Currently I have no idea how to make this with pure CSS without significant hacking effort in the XML part.

Hope, I understood you correctly :-D

Valéria Pedrosa said...

How nice you liked the result. I tried changing the default but ruin my. I thought about creating a new standard of div to 335px, but do not know how or where to put. Could you help me?

Noyod.Com said...

@Valeria, let me first parse your problem. You inserted the gadget via Dashboard, right? Then when you tried to adjust the width, the entire header is affected, cmiiw.

I think, the best cope with this is to:

(1) create CSS element similar to the 'header_nav'; adjust the width and ABSOLUTE position, and if necessary z-index

(2) locate the div block 'header_nav', create a new div block styled at step 1 above, and put your gadget there.

Hope, that helps.

Valéria Pedrosa said...

Thank you for trying to help me. I'll have to study a little more to get to perform this task. As soon as I get, I notice.

Got a temporary solution. If you can, take a peek.

A big hug.

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